Giants are building DATA CENTERS in India – Google, Microsoft and Amazon are completing – So does it mean for India and business

A country with population around 1.2 Billion and half million people connected to the internet. Moreover the highest internet user base country just nearby India. So technology giants are really desperate to snatch the market. Amazon AWS DATA center is up and running from Feb 2016. IBM Soft Layer Data center DATA canter exclusive for cooperates like that always do and planning a second one. Microsoft is ready to start Azure services will be the first one to setup three DATA center in India. On the other hand Google recently purchased a huge land in Hyderabad and mentioned plans for a DATA center, they didn’t however mention any specifics or budget.

So what does this mean to India?

India consist one of the top most engineering resource in the world producing approximately 1.4 million pass-outs. We are known for our ability in production with brilliancy and accuracy. Moreover According to International Data Corporation (IDC) India’s cloud space industry will grow worth of USD 1.3 billion in 2017 and multiple lot more in the coming years. India is currently estimated to server USD 100 billion outsourcing market in the IT industry. So now you know, why DATA center real estate in the talk of the town. It’s like watching millionaire and billionaires have their yacht race.

How can Indian companies and new entrepreneurs take advantage for these arrangements?

 First and fore we must acknowledge the fact that India is becoming the most potential country in software service and recent in building global products more than ever. In this peek movement Data centers will play an essential role on the process.
 Data centers located in India can be strategically beneficial aspect to new high performance Product-tech Company.
 Early the Data centers where located far away, Visiting the facility and real time maintenance was a nightmare. Now companies can be least bothered about the expenditures. Believe me companies can save huge numbers.

The service provider and clients can talk in same language, In-order to send hundred mails and long-time conversations to the western world for a bug. Now the gap is shorter and understandable.


 It can be more reliable and condition friendly is several scenarios. NO more worries on the latency time and loading of pages.
 Since its domestic, there will be offers and customization based on the local market.
 Pricing and flexibility will be more feasible. Rates can be cheaper comparing foreign region competitors.

Can’t wait to see the young minds and new companies take advantage of the new technology world

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