Does Iphone 7 with IOS 10 make your productivity efficient

Apple event Sept 7th had some surprises and not so surprising elements. I have been reading articles about, why should we buy an iPhone, why should not we buy one, Is it a worth for the money and lot more. Well I am not going to talk about any of these, instead I am going to take you for a tour to “make your iPhone useful for your daily life”. Once the tour is done, you are free to decide are those elements or advantages needed in your daily life. Most important is it worth your spending. I will be considering iPhone 7 into picture.
I need to cover some questions which people were asking me about iPhone 7, I hope it might be useful for new applins.

  • Yes, iPhone 7 will be available on October 7th in Imagine (India apple third party franchise) and you can pre-order any configuration for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus in India.
  • iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 will not match the performance of iPhone 7, but if you are new to the apple environment buying a iPhone 6 and 5s will be fine.
  • Improvements in iPhone 7, New processor A10 fusion chip (Just resigned to catch-up with Google’s Doze project), Display is said to be little efficient and brighter, Camera is pumped up and a new two camera concept for no reason. Please visit apple’s website for more details.
  • Cost of New iPhone, Well iPhone 7 32GB variant will cost around 60k without tax. iPhone 7 plus will cost a little of 10k – 13k extra.
  • No, force touch doesn’t get any better. It is based on app developers, however it is not a big deal. It’s just a graphic feature.
  • No, iPhone 7 plus camera is not a 3D camera. The second lens supports the zoom feature up-to 10x digital zoom.
  • Yes, you will get a 3.5 jack adapter in the box itself.
  • NO, iPhone will not have wireless charging and neither will 8 or 9, unless they switch from aluminium to plastics panels. (there is a prototype leaked about iphone- click to check it out iphone8)

So how can an iPhone make you work or life productive?

Before I get into any details, we should I understand iPhone price doesn’t represent just the hardware. Price is defined by its unique nature 30% hardware, 60% software and 10% for warranty and security.

Camera – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s holds a six lens 12mp camera on rear and 7mp front camera. The quality of the pictures and 4K recording gives an awesome experience. Well iPhone 7s is packed with dual camera one is a telephoto lens and the other is a wide-angle lens, meaning the second lens will give ability to zoom 10x from the shot and 6x from a video (I don’t think it’s worth to spend another $120 for it). If you are active in social media, blogging, traveling, iPhone is really a great deal to buy one.

Apps – Apple store holds some of the mostly quality and productive apps. I have seen lot of professional in industry like music, designing, Science research use their iPhone in production. Lot of apps take advantage of iPhone sensors right from iPay to photography. Apple have perfected the app development framework, they maintain a reliable form factor in inbuilt app or third party apps.

Essentials – So the day-to-day need, this is where IOS brings the power and smoothness. Yes, iPhone gets hung sometimes but in a very small number considering any other mobiles in the market. Features like Email, iMessage, Camera, Siri (for some reason), Notes, Inbuilt dictionary, iTunes, 3D touch, and Photos etc. are perfectly designed. Moreover, all of these information are stored in cloud.

Security – Apple practices a high level encryption method PBKDF2 and 256-bit device-unique secret key called a UID (I hope this is for another time). The system of security is combination of both hardware and software with apple. Or in simple word hacking an iPhone of a simple user will a waste of time and effort for a Hacker.

Multimedia – The performance of the apples “A chips” have be improvised every year. The A10 fusion chip inbuilt in the iPhone 7 is promised to bring more efficient usability of the hardware. There are set to 30% faster and 20% battery efficient. Huge 2D and 3D games should run more efficiently as per theory.

Coming to display play, It is said to little brighter. Early I was talking to some friends, who were in the apple event on Sept 7th and tested them. They said and I quote “Display of the iPhone 7 are kinda equivalent to the other, I hope people will not see the difference”. But this is not a let-down, matter of fact iPhone 6s already has a vibrant screen. Unless you are using a Samsung’s AMOLED display, you will not feel a thing.

Eventually apple will adapt AMOLED display, once they figure out a way to decrease the power consumption of the display.

Status or Luxury – Well I may deviate a little bit off topic, but seriously this is a real factor. Made with aluminium and Gorilla glass 4 gives iPhone a posh look. Well thanks to Steve, the design is more elegant and attractive. Moreover it’s got the “I” factor, which makes you invincible.

Pricing – Well the pricing is little high compared to other similar designed products, but Apple device will have their unique benefits. Let’s not forgot other competitors have set pricing equally to apple product.

Discussion should be really on “what can i do with it” rather than “Is it worth the money”. Sure they lack some silly features other companies can provide, overall it doesn’t matter if you are in love with your iPhone.

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