Android Nougat in 24 hours – Hidden features and technologies

So good, so far

The next android dish is here, Android Nougat named after version 7.0. It’s been 24 hours since I started playing around with the OS on Nexus 5x. The new features are intelligently placed to make the OS not only mobile supported but it takes the game over it. Nougat is made to support all the device right from the VR to Wears. So I am going to break down the advantages and tricks to get you started.
Some features like Notification, Split screen, video pinning, and Quick settings are worth mentioning. They are playful and essential for multi-tasking. Notification is improvised for huge activities like Quick pick, reply, call actions etc. Google is really trying too hard in improvising certain areas like VR, Gaming, and Battery specially.
The biggest change is the notification, now it is so much vibrant and dynamic. Action from the third party applications are really detailed and crisp. Quick reply in notification is very smooth with any app and better displayed in the lock screen. Notification prioritization is new, you can now manipulate the notification from amount of notifications to display and its sound.
Vulkan is a 3D graphics and compute API introduced in 2015 by NVIDIA. They are highly efficient and supports cross platform GPU’s. Gamers will have a treat playing games on mobile and TV supporting GeForce GPU. That’s not it, it’s open, royalty-free standard available for any platform to adopt. I believe forgoing we can see developers taking advantages of the API and it open a whole new stream for cross platform game developers. Gaming experience with Vulkan is awesome and addictive, I hope to post a full-on explaining of Vulkan in future.
New Doze
Introduced in marshmallow doze seemed to work pretty good for normal user. Sure it was an essential option considering smartphones configurations these days. That said – Doze is improvised under the hood, they will not be any magic happening with Nougat. I hope they are already research protocols tested at Google, Apple and Lithium. If everything goes well we can expect a revolution in battery around mobile devices.
We have new option and cut-offs in the display mode. There is new option to change the display size, early we used to have the option to change the text size and icon size in the screen. Now you will be able resize the full display, right from the notifications to browsing pages. The cut-off is the removal of the system UI tuner which i understand you don’t care and never even noticed it.
Changes are we small and somehow makes a better impression, I was hoping for a Google search bars animation. But is guess it was not approved because it will take two steps to start typing and Google doesn’t want that. No wonder though, we have seen Google ads on IPL matches and YouTube trying to teach India how to search with Google.
On the other hand the new app draw from marshmallow is sticking over, third parties like Samsung, LG and others are going with the traditional side swipe. Google’s new logo is been displayed in the Google now pane on the left swipe from home screen.
Yah, Such boring topic to pick right. Well some things you would like to know the search bar on setting in case you are lost and a navigation drawer for some reason. New option to control data limits by setting billing cycle and keep track of the data usage setting>Data usage>Billing cycle. Now you have suggestions in settings itself, which will notify you for Google now, System update, Battery saver, Data saver and more. No kidding setting pages are interesting and easy to use now.
To wrap up things Android nougat is clearly a more polished version to adapt new hardware for better efficiency. They isn’t any ground breaking changes to expect , but sure Android 7.0 will be a delighted experience for people switching from IOS and not to mention the Android 4.4 (kit Kat) which is used more that 30% current devices that were not eligible for any update.
Features like Split screen, video pinning, Better app switching, polished look really gives makes android original. Google has made lots and lots of correction in the back-end, for examples call blocking and dynamic UI handling will make your Marshmallow look like old school. I hope Android nougat will be a start to adapt into all device, to support Advance IoT.

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