Is Snapchat only for young gen – All about Snap and their business.

What is Snapchat?
Snapchat is mobile messaging app, which allows you to send pictures and videos to people. The pictures or video will self-destruct within a time frame after the receiver views them.
Snapchat also lets you edit or add over screens like animations, filters, stickers, clock and so many for your snap. It is one of the popular mobile messaging app and the best part is older generation (The Millennial) are still trying to figure it out (It means no bad critics). App is so popular among young generation, now it has more daily users than Twitter.

How does Snapchat work?
Snapchat is very simple and elegant to use. We have camera screen as main page and rest are few swipes right or left in screen. Right swipe for stories, Double right swipe for Discover, Left swipe for your chat and friends, Slide from top to add friends and contacts and stuff.

Is Snapchat safe?
Snapchat officially doesn’t provide information of their storage, but Snapchat is built on Google’s cloud and Yes that’s the reason it fast. Snapchat provides some guidelines to follow, which can keep your privacy setting on check. But who are we kidding, there is no such thing as privacy in this century.

This is out of topic but I have to come clean. Attention people, mainly for the Millennial and Generation X people, Privacy is always off the table. Not matter what you do, any data put on the Internet or if your devices has a frequency connection then you have no privacy.

Moreover nobody is interested in your data unless you are a celebrity or the queen. If you need privacy, buy a new device and do not connected it to the internet ever and now we are talking. If you any iPhone users, funny! Don’t even think of protecting your data or files.

Is Snapchat building a facial recognition database?
I had to talk about this because people are asking the similar kind of questions all the time. No, Snapchat is not building a facial recognition database. Even if they were it not a security thing, apple might have it already covered. There are speculations about Snapchat taking the high road with their VR venture following Facebook’s steps.

Will Snapchat sue Instagram?
Instagram is trying to play catch up, by introducing Stories feature similar to Snapchat. This feature makes Instagram more likable and users are excited to be highlighted. So can Snapchat sue Instagram for the similarities?
No, Snapchat doesn’t have any strong unique features that they could apply patterns for. Snapchat will not be suing Instagram any time soon. Even though both share similar features like photo sharing, filters, stickers and lot more, they work for different audience all together. However Instagram’s unethical move has paid off.

Is Snapchat making a money?
Well, Long story short Snapchat does make money. After two proposals from Facebook (yeh! sure) and Google (of course) made bids of $3 billion and $4 billion, Spiegel declined them both I know what was he thinking. Now this is, what I called entrepreneurship and a massage for you cowards out there selling their company and down-sizing (Why did you even hire in the first place) just because they want money in the bank.

Discover and Advertising – Snapchat makes money by the feature called discover which helps companies to put out small video chips to target young audience. As per recode they cast $100 CMP or per thousand views. Snapchat is trying to tie up corporates for $750,000 per day according to adweek.

More said, there is no clear profitability account to the public. Snapchat is not an IPO yet, Sources in valley say Spiegel might actually be planning for IPO. Let not ignore the fact that Snapchat is valued over $20 billion as of 2016. Talking about acquisitions of snapchat, they have acquired seven companies including Vurb and six more in a span of two years.

We are exciting to see Snapchat doing so well without the umbrella of big advertising giants Google or Facebook (Yes, Facebook is a media company).

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